Airboat Rides – Preparation List

What To Bring On Your Ride

Airboats are the best way to discover Florida and its beautiful wildlife. With all its nature and animals, who wouldn’t be interested in taking a tour of Florida’s Everglades? However, you might be unsure of what to take with you. The great news is that Airboat Rides Jupiter Florida doesn’t require too much preparation. You will only need to take a few items and some essential clothing. You can then be safely on your way to your boat tour, knowing that you are truly ready to enjoy your trip. Here’s a list of things you will need to take with you.


Clothing, Practical & Comfortable For Outdoors

Airboat rides don’t require complicated clothes. Instead, the best way to dress is to bring something practical and comfortable for you to wear. Summer in Florida is hot, so we recommend that you get some shorts & a t-shirt with you, along with some trainers, sandals, or flip-flops. Fall and winter will have colder temperatures, so you should bring long sleeves, jeans, trainers, and a windbreaker with you if it is colder. After all, airboat rides can get pretty windy.


A Poncho For Those Rainy Days

Another item of clothing you will want to bring across different seasons is a poncho, at least on more humid days. A poncho will help in not getting too wet should the rain decide to show itself. So whether it is summer or winter, take that poncho with you if you see the sky is getting cloudy, or if the weather services warn you if incoming rain. 


Polarized Sunglasses For Better Sight

You can take your regular sunglasses too, as they will still keep your eyes safe from the sun. However, polarized glasses tend to offer better visibility due to their anti-glare technology. Either traditional or polarized sunglasses will do because they protect and help your eyes see in sunny conditions.


Sunscreen To Avoid Sunburns

It is more than a legend, Florida is famous for its sunny weather. Sunny days are great, but they can also leave your skin at risk of sunburns. Your best defense against the sun is to bring your sunscreen with you. Not only is it safer for your skin, but it also will make the experience more pleasant. No need to worry about sunburns later; make your ride a truly safe and enjoyable moment.


Bug Spray To Zap Those Bugs Away

Another thing about the Florida wildlife known for is its insect population. Those little fellas are part of the Everglades’ natural ecosystem, and as such, they can show up during our airboat rides. Take your bug spray with you to have a no-worry journey. No need to be bothered by insects when you are looking for that rare panther or that sly alligator.


Airboat Rides Require Water and Food

The weather is hot in Florida, so make sure to keep your body hydrated. Our airboats come with a cooler and some bottled water. However, feel free to take your favorite soda with you. You can never underestimate the heat, so always bring enough liquids with you. You can also grab a little snack with you, just if you feel hungry, and need to get some energy back in you.


Binoculars For Further View

Not an essential, but don’t forget to take those binoculars if you have some lying around. Catching a glimpse of an alligator isn’t always easy, and seeing at a distance can undoubtedly improve your viewing pleasure. Spot creatures that are wandering further away and see things your naked eyes might not otherwise see.


To conclude this list, we will say that it is all about bringing essentials for your safety and increasing your pleasure. The more comfortable you are, the safer you are, the better your boat ride experience will be. If you have any other questions about preparing for your ride, don’t hesitate to ask Captain Wayne Jr while you are booking, he will make sure to tell you everything you ever need to know.