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What Animals Can You Encounter During Jupiter Airboat Tours?

When it comes to Jupiter airboat tours, many of you will expect to encounter some creatures you don’t usually see during your day-to-day life. Many of you will most definitely want to see an alligator, as the thought of the Everglades often conjures images of those impressive reptiles. However, there are a lot more animals to be seen. Did you know that the Everglades count over 50 reptile species, 40 mammal species, 350 bird species, and 300 saltwater and fresh fish species? Out of those, there are 36 protected or endangered species. So let’s discover what animals you can expect to see during our Jupiter airboat tours.


Did someone say reptiles?

You can distinguish Reptiles by their dry, scaly skin and the fact that they breathe with their lungs rather than underwater. It includes alligators, crocodiles, snakes, lizards, and turtles. You will be pleased to know that the Everglades count many reptiles, and we will always do our best to find them so you can witness them in their natural environment.

American alligators are a prime example of reptiles you can expect to come across during Jupiter airboat tours. They are big and majestuous, and witnessing them go about their daily routine is impressive. Here is a tip on recognizing an alligator: observe the shape of its snout and color. If you see a u-shaped snout and its body is of a dull gray or deep olive color, you’re looking at an alligator.

Another impressive giant reptile is the American crocodile, which also lives in the Everglades. Most people will confuse crocodiles and alligators. Unlike alligators, a crocodile’s snout is more V-shaped, and its skin color is a lighter grey-brown. So there you go. At least if you come across them, you should be able to observe and make a difference. Don’t worry. Your captain will tell you which is which, so you won’t be at a loss.

Let’s cover one last reptile and visit the snake realm. The Burmese python is a giant snake that you can find during Everglades airboat tours. It originates from Southeast Asia and is an invasive species. It means that it is not native and has negatively influenced other animal species over the years. The Burmese python sports brown blotches that have a black border, and it can grow to a size of 16ft. Burmese pythons are impressive; we will point them out if they are close.


Other animals to see on Jupiter airboat tours

Jupiter airboat tours will also allow you to witness some fantastic bird species. The most famous is the roseate spoonbill, known for its delightful pink color and spoon-shaped beak. There are also other rare and unique birds, such as the snail kite, the great blue heron, the wood stork, the red-shouldered hawk, and many more. Bird lovers will be delighted with the variety of birds the Everglades offers.

You will be satisfied if mammals and furred beasts are your things. Between the tiny and cute marsh rabbit, the North American river otter, and the white-tailed deer, there is no shortage of mammals to potentially come across. The Florida panther is also among the mammals inhabiting the Everglades, but they are infrequent. Here’s another strange animal: the West Indian manatee. You can find those in river estuaries or slow-moving and shallow rivers.

We’re going to stop there. We only include some of the species you can come across; otherwise, we will be writing all day long. If you want to encounter some unique animals in their natural environments, or if you have any questions about animal encounters during Everglades airboat tours, feel free to contact us, talk to us and book a ride. We look forward to showing you as many of these creatures as possible!

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