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Are Everglades Airboat Tours Safe?

Jupiter, Florida, is a great vacation destination. Between the gorgeous white sand beaches, the stretches of clear blue water, and the beautiful natural features of the area, there is no shortage of places to relax and enjoy yourself. We can pick you up in Jupiter for our unique Everglades airboat tours, but those who are here to relax often wonder if those airboat tours are safe. It is only natural to feel this way. After all, relaxing on the beach and riding a fast airboat in the Everglades swamps and wildlife aren’t the same. Let’s discuss why safety is always at the forefront of our airboat rides.


We always prepare our Everglades airboat tours

This first point might seem obvious to some, but we never take it for granted. Your captain always ensures to prepare our airboats before all of our Everglades airboat tours. We go through a series of mandatory checks to ensure your airboat’s lining is in good condition, checking for any leaks or dangerous cracks. We always ensure there is always bottled water in our cooler. 

Another essential aspect of our airboat maintenance includes topping up our airboat engines, so we will never run out of fuel in the middle of the Everglades. Naturally, we check and maintain our engines regularly to keep them in excellent condition. After years of experience, we know our airboats are the critical element that will take you to and back from the Everglades safely and sound. We make no compromises in that regard.


An experienced and USCG-Certified captain

We spoke of experience earlier, and this couldn’t be a more accurate way to describe captain Wayne. He is a native of the Everglades with over 35 years of experience taking people on Everglades airboat tours. His excellent local knowledge of the Everglades means he will take you to the best places to maximize your chances of encountering animals while always keeping you safe. We will never get lost in the Everglades as your captain knows the area like the back of his pocket.

Let’s not forget that Captain Wayne is a certified US Coast Guard (USCG). He holds a captain’s license issued by the state of Florida. Your guide and pilot is an experienced local and a qualified one who knows what to do should anything arise. We’re not fooling around when we say you are in the best hands possible.


Airboats are fast but safe

Let’s take a moment to compare airboats to traditional boats. The difference is simple: while ordinary ones float on the water, airboats’ propeller stays above the water’s surface. So how does this make you safer? It’s easy: your airboat propeller will not get stuck in the plant life, and even alligators cannot get in your way. By gliding above the water, airboats also hover above underwater animals. Everglades airboat tours are safe for animals as we can glide above them and let them be. Not to mention, we can outrun any creature that might come for us.


How you can prepare for Everglades airboat tours

Another essential aspect of your safety during Everglades airboat tours is to ensure you prepare yourself. It means taking the appropriate and comfortable clothing, sunglasses, and sunscreen; and staying fed and hydrated. Please read our article on preparing for your airboat tour, so you can be ready with all the essentials you need.

If you have any questions about our Everglades airboat tours and have further concerns about your safety, please get in touch with us by using our contact form or calling us. We will do our best to give you all the necessary information to ensure you have a great time and a safe time aboard our airboats.


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