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Florida Everglades tours are best with an airboat – here is why

If you’ve been to Florida, you most likely have heard about Florida Everglades tours. It is one of the more common reasons people come to visit Florida, along with the beautiful beaches and sunshine. Airboat tours specifically have increased in popularity over the years. It is due to two main facts. The first one being the Everglades itself. With plenty of wildlife and nature to boot, it is one of Florida’s most unique features. The second reason people love visiting the Everglades is due to the airboats themselves. Why? It’s simple: airboats are the best way to enjoy Florida’s famous nature reserve. Here is why airboats are so good and why you should make the most of it!


Florida Everglades tours are fun and thrilling

We believe airboats are the best way to visit the Everglades. Unlike traditional boats, airboats glide over the water surface, and they go fast. The giant propeller at the back will provide you with high speeds and ultimate mobility. You won’t feel bored, in fact, quite the contrary. The feeling of high speeds means that you never get a dull moment. Imagine the excitement of going on an amusement ride, combined with some fantastic wildlife and beautiful sceneries. Cruising along the marshlands at high speeds is an experience you have to live. Trust us. You’ll be glad you’ve done so.


Airboats are good for the environment

Most ordinary boats have their engines in the water. It is far from ideal, especially in swamp-like environments. Having your propeller stuck in the plants that float on the surface is far too familiar of a thing. With airboats, you don’t get that problem. Airboats do very little to damage the environment. The propeller being above the water surface means that no plants get damaged. It also means that we don’t interfere with animal life. We often fly above those creatures, leaving them to get on with their day. Airboats are great for the environment, and it also results in not getting stuck!


Airboats have amazing mobility

Airboats are very agile. We can access a lot of places that are otherwise inaccessible with traditional boats. We can therefore take you to the best spots, especially those where the Everglades wildlife congregates. This extra mobility allows us to see more creatures such as the American Alligator and the American crocodile in their natural environment. If those creatures ever get too close, we can quickly make our escape and let them be. The extra mobility and speed make airboat rides feel more like you’re on a racing course. You go fast and move swiftly about the Everglades. It is a lot of fun!


Airboats are a crazy invention

When you look at the history of airboats, you will find a lot of creativity behind them. Some of the early airboats used airplane propellers. Imagine those crazy early prototypes that had a giant propeller. Airboats can feel like the invention of a mad person. There was a lot of ingenuity behind their creation. Also, did you know that the US Coast Guard, the US coastal police, and even the military use airboats? They are, in fact, instrumental during catastrophe scenarios such as floods. The fact that they glide over the water gives them that mobility that is otherwise impossible to obtain with other regular boats. All in all, airboats are a great invention. They are both fun and very useful. From allowing us to navigate through otherwise impossible situations to saving lives, airboats are simply the best.


We love airboats, and we can’t wait for you to try them yourselves. If you want a fun and adrenaline-packed ride, you’ve come to the right place. If you prefer a calmer and more explorative journey, we can make that happen too. Airboats give us the flexibility to make your Everglades journey to be one that you will truly enjoy and remember for the years to come. Contact us to book your ride!

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