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Jupiter airboat rides Everglades

Are Jupiter airboat rides eco-friendly?

You often ask us about how eco-friendly we are. There is a vastly growing trend of people wanting to be good for the environment, which applies a lot to tourism in Florida. The Everglades has seen many changes over the years, and not always for the better. We built roads and dams. Human habitats and industries have influenced the course of nature, affecting nature and the local wildlife. The Everglades used to be the most extensive marshes and swamplands in the U.S.A, but its size […]

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Florida Everglades tours airboat

Florida Everglades tours are best with an airboat – here is why

If you’ve been to Florida, you most likely have heard about Florida Everglades tours. It is one of the more common reasons people come to visit Florida, along with the beautiful beaches and sunshine. Airboat tours specifically have increased in popularity over the years. It is due to two main facts. The first one being the Everglades itself. With plenty of wildlife and nature to boot, it is one of Florida’s most unique features. The second reason people love visiting the Everglades is due to […]

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